Dariusz Głowacki

Dariusz Głowacki

Dariusz Glowacki born in 1965 in Poznan, is an artist who paints, makes drawings, installations. He writes texts on arts and culture and lectures on art and broadly understood visual culture. 

He also acts as a curator (including exhibitions: Venetian glass "Fresh Glass" in 2008,, Światło² in 2015, PozaPOZNANIEM in 2016). 

He is interested in areas where art meets science, as well as differences that seem to divide both domains of human activity.

Participant in scientific sessions, discussion panels and congresses (including Art - Science in 2014 and THE SECOND WORLD CONGRESS ON ANALOGY in 2017).

Believes in art desperately and naively.



2012: PhD at The Uniwersity of Arts in Poznan at the FACULTY OF PAINTING.

1989-1990: Scolarship of the The Ministry of Culture and Arts for the most promising young arists.

1984-1989: MA/Jerzy Kałucki and Jaroslaw Kozlowski at the FACULTY OF PAINTING and MA/Kazimierz Świrydowicz of smiotics at the FACULTY OF ARTISTIC EDUCATION

Selected shows:

1989 paintings and objects, Galeria Wielka 19 Poznań,

1998 – "Może Śródziemne" / "See Mediterranean", objects, Galeria ON Poznań,

1999 – "Meeting", paintings and objects, Galerie 2112, Kopenhaga, Dania,

2008 – wystawa szkła weneckiego Fresh Glass / Murano Glass, Galeria Arsenał, Poznań,

2015 paintings, exhibition "pozaPOZNANIEM", Galeria Arsenał, Poznań,

2018 paintings, Mediations Biennale, Poznań.