Jacek  Strzódka

Jacek Strzódka

Born in 1953 in Poznań. He studied at the State College of Fine Arts in Poznań (workhops of Profs. T. Brzozowski, E. Markowski, T. Jackowski and J. Kułakowski). He received his diploma in 1982. His works have been shown at multiple exhibitions in Poland and across Europe (Poznań, Cracow, Hamburg, Wrocław, Gniezno, Strasbourg, Suwałki, Trappenkamp, London, Budapest, Sopot, Ystad, Basel, Bielsko Biała, Berlin).

In his work, he tries to capture the invisible: the inner time and the significant features that are present in the seemingly trivial objects, situations and phenomena of the surrounding world. By devoting himself to meditation, he discovers the spirit of reality. More...