Katarzyna Szurkowska

Katarzyna Szurkowska

a graduate of the Institute for Fine Arts at Zielona Góra University, degree in 2002 in drawing at the workshop of Professor Zenon Polus. Associated with the society of artists in Zielona Góra since 2008. She pursues painting, drawing and spacial design.

For me, color and form are independent, though mutually complementary forms of expression.

Color...it is most important, it is how I unleash energy and project my own point of view. I paint what I feel, what I see, what imagination suggests to me, what is and what is not.

And form...it defines and organizes emotions. The blend of color an form is sometimes spontaneous, accidental, involving acceptance of some risk; and sometimes it is a conscious concept where color, shape and texture permeate one another. However, the moment I have the freedom of gesture and I act on impulse is most vital for me.

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